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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stepping into Spring Swap!

I am a bad blogger and haven't written in days. I am really sorry about that! Things have been so hectic with finals coming up and moving to a new apartment that all my free time has been occupied! Things should be back to normal soon!

I am so excited today though to show you everything I got from the:

I got paired up with sweet Christin from Manicures and Extra Sprinkles! It was so great getting to know Christin! I will stop talking though and go ahead and share with you what she got me. We all know that's what you wanna see anyways!

 She sent me these cute earrings in such cute colors!

 She also sent me not one or two but SIX nail polishes! Crazy Stuff! I am so excited to try out these colors when I have a chance!

She also sent me these cute sandals! I could literally wear them with everything!

Christin also sent me some candy that may or may not have already eaten and that's why I have no picture of it. :/

She spoiled me with everything she got me! Definitely go check out her channel when you get a chance!


  1. AWESOME gift!!! LOVE those colors!!! You got paired with the polish queen :)

  2. I'm loving those sandals and all those polishes. Looks like the colors of the rainbow :)