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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Over-sharer.

Sorry I have been MIA this week. I am having some health problems and the medicine they gave me makes me soo tired. So I have just been laying in bed watching Full House and Friends all week. Don't judge!

Anyways, lets get started on my post for today.

David and I are currently looking for a new apartment. A few weeks ago, we made a list of different apartments and went and looked at all of them.

The very last apartment we looked at had a very nice lady helping us out. The apartments were at the top of our budget and didn't have washer and dryer hookups. They were also a bit on the small side. They had bigger apartments that had everything we wanted but they were at a ridiculous high price.

Anyway, back to the story. The nice lady, let's call her W, took us a few apartments to show us around.  She immediately went into this story about how her daughter moved to a house of her own and one day that said daughter called her and said she wanted her to come over for lunch. When W got there, the house was a disaster with dishes on the floor, counters, and on the couch. The daughter of the year then said to her mom, "I thought that you could clean for me and I will go to the store and buy things for lunch and then when you are done cleaning, you can cook lunch for us". W apparently told her daughter that she wouldn't do that and left. The daughter didn't talk to her for months.

.... Why is this strange woman telling me about how awful her daughter is ?!

She even went on to tell us about how they don't watch television and that we shouldn't either. That her  husband is on the large side and wont exercise. Also, that she had to go to the pharmacy and wait 35 in line.

I couldn't believe that she kept going on and on about her life. I was so ready to leave.

W has now called, emailed and texted us about the apartment several times a day for like 2 weeks straight. She even called today and said that they had an AMAZING special and thought of us. Sorry lady, I do not want to be anywhere near you!

Has anyone ever dealt with someone like this and what did you do about it?

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