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Monday, April 15, 2013

Five Things!

Since I am still feeling under the weather, I decided to steal borrow this idea from Allie who stole the idea from Jen!!

Five things...

... You will find in my bag
1. Aveeno Lotion. ( I can't live without this.)
2. EOS Lip Balm. ( Another thing I can't live without)
3. A Straw and a Plastic Spoon. (I'm not really sure why I have these in my bag or even how they got in there, but I guess I am prepared?)
4. Hand Sanitizer. ( No explanation needed)
5. Tide to Go. ( I spill everything on myself. I should add a bib to my purse because it's that bad!)

...You will find in bedroom
1. My Extensive DVD Collection. ( My number one favorite series in that collection would be FRIENDS.. I watch it every night before bed.)
2. Bottles of Water. ( I drink at least two at night.)
3. My Mac. ( Who wouldn't want that in their room?!)
4. My Pink Desk. ( I never use it though. It ends up being a catch all)
5. My Bookcase ( I read a lot of books. I have a kindle, but I like having my favorites in hardcopy.)

...I've always wanted to do
1. Run a 5k. ( I will make this happen!)
2. Explore Europe. ( I lived in Germany when I was younger but don't remember much)
3. Go on a Cruise ( Any one wanna come?)
4. Be a Mommy (Hopefully I am blessed to have this honor one day)
5. Be crafty.( This will never happen, I don't have a crafty bone in my body!)

...I'm Currently Loving 
1. Rebel Wilson on the MTV Movie Awards. ( Love her!)
2. We The Kings new single "Just Keep Breathing". ( I can't get it out of my head)
3. Dr. Pepper ( Wait.. that is all the time!)
4. Full House (I found a website that plays it continuously 24/7)
5. Warm Baths with my Lush Bombs. ( I haven't been feeling well and doing this feels like heaven!)

...Quirks I have
1. I can't touch cotton balls. They make me wanna rip my nails off. Graphic yes, but it is awful!
2. When driving I obsessively tighten my seat belt. I feel like it should be super tight to me, and if it isn't it makes me uneasy.
3. I have to have all my DVDs in alphabetical order.
4. I like and eat ketchup, but I cannot stand the smell.
5. If I am eating candy, say m&m's, I have to eat all the reds first, then the yellows and so forth!

So that's me loves.. hope I didn't scare you too much with my crazy quirks!

1 comment:

  1. you are crafty!!! it shows in that box I got today! I totally understand the whole spoon and straw in your purse..haha & I want to do a 5k too! p.s. hope you feel better =)