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Monday, April 8, 2013


Please forgive me if this post is all over the place, I am currently on pain medication and a little out of it.

So I watched the movie Bully tonight on Netflix. If you have never seen it then you need too. All I could do was cry the entire movie. I was bullied all through out school and I remember feeling the way those kids were feeling.

It breaks my heart that in todays society you can't really show who you really are because people have put into place a word called normal. I mean what is normal anyways and are we really normal? We all have different quirks and personalities and we all come from different backgrounds. So how do we all fit into this small margin of "normal".

The thing is, bullying doesn't just happen at school and to kids, it happens everywhere! I have seen more cases than I count of ADULTS behaving in this manner! It could be on the internet, at functions, church, playgrounds. It happens all the time!

This has to stop. We are destroying each other. We need to love one another regardless of who they may be. Who cares what ethnicity they are, if they believe in God, who they voted for in the last election or if they are gay. We are human, and we have feelings.

Instead of fighting, we need to stand together and love each other. Be kind to one another. Look past the flaws people have, see the good in them. We all are destined for great things and we need to help each other get there, not thrive to see them fail.

This is why I have decided that I am going to be a social worker. I will be an advocate for these people. I will make a change and a difference. I will stand up for what is right.

Will you?

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