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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I suck...

So this post will be just full of excuses. I haven't written in quite awhile, but I have reasons why!

1) I had finals! So many papers to write and tests to take. I think I had nightmares every night about forgetting to do something!

2) In the middle of finals, we had to move apartments. This was an exhausting and crazy two days. We now have David's brother living in our living room until the middle of the next month, which means we don't have enough space for all of our stuff. We have lived here for almost a month and still have lots of things in boxes. Don't judge!

3) David got a job working with Bridezilla's for a week. It was long hours and I rarely saw him. 

4) Our router just decided it had enough and died for no reason. David being the scrooge he is, wouldn't just go to the store and buy one. He had to find one online for the best deal he could find. While I am extremely happy that he watches what he spends, I am not happy that I am internet-less for days and days. 

5) I had to take naps.. I mean come on, this is a huge priority!

6) I was in one of my good friend's wedding yesterday! It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so glad I got to be apart of it!

7) I had to find out where Amy went in the book, Gone Girl!

See, I was busy! Things have died down now, so I now have time to write all I want!! 

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