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Friday, May 24, 2013

Awkward Situations

Have you ever put yourself in a really awkward situation? I tend to do this daily. I apparently not only attract crazy but also this!

Let me tell you about some of these awkward situations that I put myself into.

1) One Thanksgiving, I was at my friend Anika's house hanging out with her family. We ended up downstairs playing beer pong for a few hours. I had to use the bathroom and went to the door and in my slightly intoxicated state, decided to just open the door instead of knocking like a polite person would. Anika's cousin Charlie just so happened to be in the bathroom at that exact moment. Now, keep in mind that this is the first time I have really met him. So I just swing this door open like I own the place and there he is doing you know, his business. Instead of saying sorry and shutting the door quickly like a normal person would do, I choose to stand there, staring at him. I open my mouth and out comes the words, "Oh, you are peeing". Then stand there for another 5 seconds before shutting the door. What the heck was I thinking?! I was mortified! We never spoke of it though, and I hope we never do. But that is one of those times that when I think of it I shudder.

2) So, I mentioned earlier this week that I was in my friend Meredith's wedding on Sunday. While at the wedding a see a woman that looks exactly like the woman that had altered my dress a few weeks prior. I proceed to walk up to her and say "Heey! You altered my dress!", this woman looks at me and says "No I didn't". She went on to say that she wishes she could do things like that but can't. A normal person would be like oh, I must have been mistaken, but I say something like this: Yes you did, don't you remember?! So, I basically accuse those poor woman of lying. I mean who would lie about whether they did something for you or not? About this time I realize that the woman who did my dress actually had a very thick german accent, and this woman had a very southern accent. I was so embarrassed. My face got really red and I walked away quickly. I later realized that the woman that I verbally attacked happened to be the grooms mother. oops.

I have many more stories of how I embarrass myself, but if I tried to write them all down, I would be here for days!

What is your worst awkward situation?

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